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Founded in 1945, Chateau Lingerie was quick to make a name for itself on the international business scene, becoming a leader in undergarments. By the mid 50’s, the family ran company was well on its way to becoming the innovative enterprise that it is today. Rooted in the strength of its origins, Chateau Lingerie continues in its role as an international player, confronting new challenges with ever-ascending success.

Chateau Lingerie currently sells to the Canadian, American and Mexican markets, selling to retailers all across the continent. Our products can be found everywhere, from discount chains to upscale department stores. Because Chateau Lingerie is deeply dedicated to its employees, we believe that effort devoted to their training is well invested. This reality, coupled with machinery at the pinnacle of technology, enables us to offer our customers the best possible product. We control a vertical manufacturing process, thereby maximizing our involvement in converting raw material to a final packaged product. This close contact with every level of production enables a continuity of strategy, quality and unity of vision, which in turn facilitates the anticipation of customer needs before they even arise.

The Chateau Lingerie family, together with its dynamic management team and dedicated workforce continues to insure the superior quality & value ratio that has distinguished us for over half a century. Our longstanding history lends us credibility within the global market, and our products reflect the company’s values: comfortable, original, stylish, and innovative.

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